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Providing a full range of Roof Washing, House Soft Wash, Gutter Cleaning, traditional Pressure Wash, and Window Cleaning – to help you maintain the beauty of your home or curb-appeal of your business year-round is what we do at Katy Window Washers. We take pride in our premium cleaning services and we make sure your home looks its best!

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• Roof Washing    • Soft Wash House Exterior  • Pressure Wash services (concrete, brick)
• Residential window cleaning   • Commercial window cleaning   • Gutter cleaning services

We are a top-tier service using the latest in soft-wash technology with safe, bio-degradable solutions and small-footprint equipment.  We have many years of experience so we focus on the details instead of merely rushing through the job. We do not cut corners. When the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten, the bitterness of poor service lingers. Unlike cut-rate operations, we strive for blue-chip quality so that we can earn both your repeat business and your friendship as we meet your expectations. We started in the window cleaning business and over time expanded our services.

You can have confidence in us as we serve you around your belongings in your home or business. We believe this will give you, our valued customer, the cleanest and clearest glass on your block and our goal is that you become a satisfied customer for the long term.  Likewise, if you are selling a home, you’ll want the best curb appeal so a roof wash or house exterior soft wash will make your place look its best.

One of the joys of any home is to look out and see your beautiful yard, flowerbeds and trees through clean screens and glass at the end of a hard day at work. Unfortunately all that tedious scrubbing can be a chore that no one wants to do after a long, hard day. Maybe for your family to simply enjoy the rays of sunshine window clean-up is needed but you don’t have time.  Or maybe you are hosting a special gathering at your home and you want your windows clean, clear, sparkling and looking their best! ​In addition to homes, we also provide top-notch service to businesses so that your customers get a good first impression.

This is where we come in, just call Katy, Texas’ best provider of exterior cleaning – House Soft Wash, Roof Wash, and more, and our promise to you is to earn your business as we handle this chore for you. Our advanced cleaning technology, equipment, and methods will gently remove years of built-up grime, algae, molds, lichens, and other organics. On the schedule of your choice we will clean outside (and inside if you want), and you will see again how your home looks clean and re-freshed!   We make those problems of dingy streaks a thing of the past. We will gladly give you a no obligation, free quote. Not only can you call us to clean your roof and/or house exterior – we can also keep your residential windows tidy, and we offer other services including concrete pressure washing and clearing debris from your rain gutters.

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House wash benefits
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Our best-in-class professional House Soft Wash service cleans and brightens your home’s exterior surfaces to bring them back to a new appearance. We use a non-abrasive, low-pressure, soft washing system and superior eco-friendly cleaning products that are perfect for all types of house surface materials including wood, brick, stucco, and others – to assure that all of your home’s surfaces are thoroughly cleaned to maintain your home with the beauty you want it to show. Where you see dark streaks or stains on a house, very often that is caused by blue-green algae known as Cyanobacteria. These can actually show many different colors – green, brown, yellow, black, or red. A single, airborne algae spore can land on your home and begin to grow.

Roof Soft Washing is the method recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA). Most roofs across the Greater Houston area are made of asphalt shingles.  These have a fiberglass core that is coated by bitumen/asphalt and protected from UV rays by sun-resistant, colorful ceramic granules in many attractive textures and designs. Soft Washing is a low-pressure cleaning process used to clean roofing systems and solar panels of the varieties of blue-green algae that are the primary cause of dark stains and streaks often seen on roofs across southeast Texas. Soft Washing also safely removes dirt, dust, grime, mildew, mold, moss, lichens, insect nests such as mud-daubers and spider webs, fungus, bird waste.

Soft wash benefits

We are also window cleaning pros who are head and shoulders above the rest – we use biodegradable, gentle cleansing solutions that are safe around plants and pets, and continually filter the water so that no residue is left on your windows. We offer the following services including Residential Window Cleaning, where we can customize the visits on a schedule that suits you. You want your service to take the utmost care to make those glass panes spotless both interior and exterior and to take note of and be exacting with your surroundings. If you need cleaning of mirrors, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, interior glass, skylights, or hard-to-reach windows we do those, too.  You want to employ an advanced, modern low pressure system that eliminates the need for ladders, and has “soft wash” techniques for a streak less finish on every pane. The top notch service is careful with the details to respectfully treat your home. Call us and we can furnish the top quality in all those categories!

You can take your pick of options. We can be your window cleansing near me provider for just a one-time service, or we can come out on a regular schedule, twice a month, monthly, or quarterly to give a little TLC to your house. We come out consistently and use best practices and environmentally safe solutions on the glass, frames, and sills, to produce outstanding results. Of course, we also give you dirt-free  screens and clear out the cobwebs to leave things tidy and fresh. To sum it up, we are your go to window cleaner in Katy, Texas and nearby areas like Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, Brookshire and West Houston. Our customers in all those areas can telephone us to be the “window washing near me” that everyone can rely on!
Care for Commercial Windows is another of our services. To greet your customers your place of business may have anything from large plate glass to small hard to reach windows and we can keep those plates, ledges, hardware, frames, and sills ship-shape and ready for each business day. You want your window cleaner to use specialized equipment that has a small footprint, without intrusive lifts or ladders, to minimize any distractions to your daily business. You want capabilities to cover a variety of commercial building types and that can reach windows four-plus stories high without having to leave the ground. The best system continually filters the water so that no residue is left on glass or hardware. Call us and we can fulfill those needs. We can customize a schedule and you won’t need to keep calling – we will consistently keep your windows immaculate at your place of business to help you put your best foot forward!
Pressure Washing will clean, renew and help preserve your exterior, sidewalks, driveways, brick walls, pool decks, and more! Why struggle with scrubbing, heavy rental machines and Do-It-Yourself chores if you don’t have to? Our low-pressure soft wash system is the next generation of cleaning technology that is kind to the exterior of your home or business. The unique water filtration works with gentle, biodegradable cleansing solution that does not leave a residue.  Let our experienced, knowledgeable staff who have the proper equipment and skills to provide top notch service for any project do the heavy lifting for you and make the whole process go smoothly. 
Gutter Cleaning.  No need to worry about climbing a dangerous ladder and trying to balance and scoop those filthy rotting unhealthy wet leaves! Our experienced crew can quickly and safely clean gutters for you. This will protect your eves, soffits and gables from water damage caused by overflowing, backed-up rain gutters. We can help you preserve the structural integrity, beauty, and value of your greatest investment – your home.
Greater Katy Window Care Tip: we enjoy beautiful trees all over the Greater Katy area, Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, West Houston. Pines, Oaks, Sweet Gums, Magnolias, and many more. But those pretty trees can rain down sap that is not so pretty! To freshen up from tree sap, sticky adhesives or similar stains, use super-fine steel wool, Grade No. 0000. Wet the glass with a quick spray of cleaner and gently buff the sap, etc., away with the steel wool.
Gutter Care Advisory: if gutters are not cleaned regularly, damage can result to not only your gutter system and roof, the damage can also reach inside your walls, your home’s foundations, in addition to nearby structures such as pool equipment sheds, garages. Clean flowing gutters can do their intended work to protect the building, helping you avoid expensive roof repairs and prevent a variety of harmful insects from entering to inflict problems. If gutters are clogged for a prolonged time that can even damage your expensive landscaping. Regular gutter clearing and maintenance helps protect your properties and gives peace of mind.

Interesting Soft Wash/Power Wash Facts: experts who have studied the topic advise that if you annually pressure wash, or, soft wash the exterior of your home, your exterior paint will last for three years longer compared to not pressure washing. Removing mold, pollen, and other organic build-up from your shingles both beautifies and extends your roof’s life.  You want an advanced system and techniques that use low pressures, very pure water, and a gentle biodegradable cleaning solution that will remove both organic matter such as mold, and remove inorganic dust and sand particles that damage paint and the underlying surface. You want a system that continually filters the water so that no residue is left on walls, siding, or roof. Plus, when you factor in the cost of repainting a house exterior the savings grow – and you enjoy your home’s better appearance with regular power cleaning.

We invite you let us be your best resource in the Greater Katy, Texas area. If you are in Katy, Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, Brookshire and other nearby areas you can give us a call, text, email, and book an appointment with us. We are the helpers you can trust and we would love the opportunity to show you how we can do the job right!
If you are the type who simply just wants the best for your home or place of business, then call us for reliable, quality services. Whether a one-time scouring or a regular maintenance schedule which at your choice can be bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Just call, text, email us at Katy Window Washers to get the best in professional services for residential and commercial window cleaners and pressure washers. This is a lead generation website that is maintained by a local marketing agency, we will refer you to an excellent Katy professional in this business and are confident that our level of service is unsurpassed. We are happy only when our customer is happy!