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House wash benefits

Exterior House Soft Wash – Introducing Our Services
Do you want your home to look like new again? Have you considered Exterior House Soft Wash? After all, we wash many things: cars, dishes, clothes – but what about your home?
It is often said anyone’s most valuable asset is their home – a treasured and valuable possession and even more than that – it is where your family lives and makes memories. But the warm, humid climate of southeast Texas can make a home’s exterior look old and tired due to algae stains, dirt, moss, cobwebs, grime.
Our best-in-class professional soft washing service cleans and brightens your home’s exterior surfaces to bring them back to a new appearance. We use a non-abrasive, low-pressure, soft washing system and superior eco-friendly cleaning products that are perfect for all types of house surface materials including wood, brick, stucco, and others – to assure that all of your home’s surfaces are thoroughly cleaned to maintain your home with the beauty you want it to show.

Many surfaces to keep clean
Clean roof and clean house

Example of the many surfaces that may need a cleaning. Roof, solar panels, siding, brick walls, fences, and more.

This clean house with a clean roof enjoys curb appeal and increased value!

• Our crew will clean your home’s exterior on a day and time that fits your schedule.
• We will conduct a pre-work inspection to determine if any issues need additional professional attention.
• We follow careful safety procedures.
• To deep clean your home’s exterior we use low-pressure Soft Wash equipment and solutions.
• The final touches will make sure your surroundings are cleaned and free from any debris or organic matter.
Surfaces that Benefit from Soft Washing
• Fiber-cement type boards, siding, and panels
• Vinyl siding
• Stucco systems, both traditional and synthetic
• Brick
• Stone masonry
• Wood
• Garage Doors
• Eaves, soffits, fascia, gables
• Chimney exteriors
• Rain gutters and downspouts
• Doors, frames, windows, shutters
• Awnings, Carports
• Wooden decks
• Wrought Iron
• Every exterior surface of your home!
Contaminants Efficiently Removed by Soft Washing

The mild winters of southeast Texas are followed by a long spring, summer, and autumn of warm to hot, humid weather. Our climate allows algae and other contaminants to get a toehold on your home’s surfaces.
Where you see dark streaks or stains on a house, very often that is caused by blue-green algae known as Cyanobacteria. These can actually show many different colors – green, brown, yellow, black, or red. A single, airborne algae spore can land on your home and begin to grow.
When algae works with a fungus to support each other, that is a lichen. Lichens are very hardy and can grow on almost any surface either natural or synthetic.  Fungus can grow on its own. Bacteria can thrive unseen, then multiply rapidly under certain conditions to become visible to the un-aided human eye. Mildew unfortunately thrives in our humid climate. Moss is a kind of plant with root-like growths that attach to your home’s exterior. Many varieties of mold call the Katy, Cinco Ranch, Fulshear areas home and just might find your home a place they like to live and become attached to. The Harris County health department finds these to be common in our area: Ascospores, Basidiospores, Cladosporium, Epicoccum, Rusts, Smuts/Myxomycetes.
Other organic contaminants that can mar your home and damage the surfaces include bird droppings and wastes of other common animals such as lizards and squirrels. Insects build nests and leave a mess. Spiders weave cobwebs that remain after the spider is gone, the sticky webs catch dust, pollen, dirt. All of the above can supply nutrients to feed bacteria and mold to render parts of a home unsanitary and possibly hazardous to your family’s health.
This is where we come in – we examine your home’s exterior and design the best use of our leading-edge soft-wash system with its safe, effective, bio-degradable cleaning solution to remove any of these kinds of dirt and contaminants.

Advantages of Soft Washing Your Home

Soft Washing involves low-pressure, pure water that is filtered and re-used in the process, soft brushes, bio-degradable cleaning solutions, small footprint machinery that is quiet and slim hoses that are unobtrusive in order to minimize disruption of  your household while we work. All designed as a system to clean your home’s exterior and leaving it better than before – because it is newly clean again and appearing like new.
By contrast, pressure-washing that may involve hot water with strong grease-cutting detergents and high pressures over 2000 PSI, large, noisy compressors that produce extreme force can be appropriate for hard, smooth concrete to remove oil stains and similar situations. You might desire to clean a concrete driveway or sidewalk. Our traditional pressure washing can certainly give you great results.
But for home exteriors that have many nooks and crannies and a range of softer materials such as vinyl siding, stucco, or painted wood – the Soft Wash is the best answer.
As mentioned before, the cleaning solutions we use are top-tier to produce top results and to be friendly to the environment. Soft Washing uses about one-third as much water as old-school pressure washing. Our system also consumes less energy for an increased eco-friendly factor. The total system produces cleaned surfaces that will stay clean several times longer compared to other cleaning techniques.
Because we have successfully Soft Washed numerous homes for years, we know how to do the job safely. A do-it-yourself approach can be hazardous to the person unfamiliar with needed safety practices. One of the most common and dangerous injuries to homeowners is falling from a ladder. Instead of risking serious injury, let our experienced, knowledgeable staff handle the heavy lifting, using all the proper equipment for safety and a top-notch clean result. We are insured and schooled in how to do every task safely. Worksite safety is our priority for both our staff and to protect your property.
We furnish premium, top-tier, House Soft Wash services. Unlike cut-rate services that cut corners, we invest in the best training, the best technology and strive for quality so that we can earn both your repeat business and your friendship as we meet your expectations.  Call today!
A word about pricing – We price in a way to provide premium quality that enhances the value of your home and to earn your loyalty and friendship as a happy customer. We know there are low-bid companies that come and go. But – when the sweetness of low price is forgotten the bitterness of poor quality remains.

Soft wash flat roof
Solar panels need washing

The historic Katy, Texas railroad station and Western Union window.

Summer flowers in Katy, Texas.

​​Historic Home Exterior Maintenance

Many historic homes grace the Greater Katy Area and nearby towns like Fulshear and Brookside. Experts in the maintenance of historic homes think in terms of “Building Envelope Deterioration”. This means the components such as doors, walls, windows, roofing. Sometimes these building components are present in a combination of materials in the same building envelope such as a combination of a flat roof area covered by rolled roofing with a sloped roof area covered by shingles. Working together as a system, all these components protect the interior from the heat, humidity, heavy rains, winds, hurricanes – and even the occasional freeze that reaches Southeast Texas.
Additional weather and environmental influences that affect an Exterior Building Envelope include:
• Airborne chemicals and acid rain
• Temperature variations
• Direct Sunlight and even Overcast Sunlight
• Wind
• Groundwater, snow, ice
• Vegetation, algae, molds, fungi
• Birds, rodents, insects
All building materials both new and old will deteriorate over time. The factors listed above whether in combination or separately can react differently with the materials that compromise a building’s exterior envelope and cause deterioration. Those possible reactions can be further complicated by the way the materials are installed, joined together, and their relative locations.
But when a homeowner plans and implements a regular maintenance program – including a periodic expert House Exterior Soft Wash by top-tier technicians the rate of deterioration can be slowed greatly. This will help the historic homes of Katy, Fulshear, Brookside, and nearby Farms and Ranches to last many decades more to enrich our vibrant Texan heritage.

Further Information on House Washing

The United States HUD Department advises that homeowners can benefit from exterior cleanings in several ways. A pre-cleaning evaluation can locate openings in walls, doorframes, window frames, where pipes and wires may leave a gap that could allow pests to enter the home. Screens with gaps or holes should be repaired or replaced. Doors and windows need to be tight and well-sealed, mice can get in a hole the width of a pencil. Keep gutters clean and downspouts functioning to direct water away from the house. Trim plants to not touch the exterior walls.

Exterior cleaning also removes moss and lichens that can exploit small crevices to wedge apart creating a larger gap. Birds, insects and spiders leave nests that gather dirt and debris to create an environment for mold and bacteria to colonize. But well-timed exterior Soft Washing prevents these hazards.

Paint Manufacturer Recommendations
Many paint manufacturers recommend the kind of exterior cleaning that our Soft Wash provides. They typically say to use a soft bristle brush and mild detergent solution, applied lightly then rinse thoroughly. Very similar to our Soft Wash but we have the equipment and know-how to proceed quickly and lean the entire outside!

Siding Manufacturer Recommendations 
Similar to the above paragraph on painted surface maintenance, siding manufacturers also recommend a treatment like our Soft Wash. This is for all kinds of cleaning needs including oil, grease, organics like cobwebs, mold and mildew. You have found the help you need – call us today!