Roof Soft Wash Services

Roof wash benefits

​Are you ready for your roof to look fresh and clean – the way it was intended to look? Do you need to prepare your house to put on the market? Do you want to have your place looking its best for visitors?
What is “Roof Soft Washing”?
Soft Washing is a low-pressure cleaning process used to clean building exteriors of the various kinds of blue-green algae that are the primary cause of dark stains and streaks often seen on roofs across southeast Texas. Soft Washing also safely removes dirt, dust, grime, mildew, mold, moss, lichens, insect nests such as mud-daubers and spider webs, fungus, bird waste.
It is the method recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA). Most roofs across the Greater Houston area are made of asphalt shingles.  These have a fiberglass core that is coated by bitumen/asphalt and protected from UV rays by sun-resistant, colorful ceramic granules in many attractive textures and designs.

Grimy roof needs attention
Clean roof and clean house

This roof is discolored by dust, mold, algea. Needs a cleaning.

This clean house with a clean roof enjoys curb appeal and increased value!

Modern, top-tier, premier Soft Washing technology is also recommended by manufacturers for all kinds of roofing – whether it is asphalt, wood shingles, tile, metal, or other materials. And often these days a roof may have an array of expensive solar panels that need to be clean to perform as intended.
High pressure power washing – sometimes more than 2000 PSI – and harsh cleaning solvents will damage roofing systems and solar panels. Instead, go gentle on them with our Soft Wash technology.
Some Reasons To Soft Wash Your Roof
• A thorough roof clean will breathe new life and appearance into your home.
• Health – removal of mold, algae, insect nests, etc., will provide a healthier environment for your family.
• Roof maintenance will remove potential problems from algae stains, moss, dirt, debris, lichen.
• Other organics such as leaves, twigs, insect nests, webs will be removed.
• Waste from pigeons, starlings, and other birds will be cleaned away.
• Potential damage to your roof that all of the above might cause will be prevented.
• Longevity of your roof. Roof Soft Washing will help your roof reach its full life span and save you money.
Some Qualities To Look For In A Roof Soft Washing Company

You want a high degree of professionalism and technicians that treat your home with utmost respect. You want the newest generation in pure-water, dependable bio-degradable cleaning solutions, and modern techniques that are safe and gentle on your property. Our company works with the latest systems with our soft-wash cleaning services that are appropriate for all kinds of roofing and eave surfaces.

We provide a premium service with a goal of earning your loyalty – and friendship – for the long term.

Our up-to-date system for Roof Soft Washing and Solar Panel Soft Washing will gently loosen grime, lift dust, clear off webs and insect nests, cleanse moss, molds, algae, lichens to leave clean and attractive your roof over your biggest investment – your home.  Soft Washing is efficient – it needs only about one-third as much water as pressure washing. It also lasts longer, as much as five times longer.

Our methods are environmentally friendly, efficient, and sustainable. Our low-pressure soft wash system is the next generation technology that is gentle on your roof.  The unique water filtration works with biodegradable, gentle, cleansing solution that does not leave residue. Soft Washing is eco-friendly and has a minimized impact due to using less water and less associated cleaning solutions. Our cleaning solutions are low-impact on the environment. We also consume less energy in our processes. Call us today for expert consultation.

Roofing materials of all kinds are thoroughly yet gently cleaned. Expensive and complex solar panels are likewise handled properly and left clean in order to operate as the manufacturer intended.

Safety – on every roof cleaning project we use industry best practices for safety. We see to it that every aspect of your roof cleaning is timely, professional, thorough, and safe for our crew and for others.

Because we have successfully Soft Washed numerous roofs for years, we know how to do the job safely. A do-it-yourself approach can be hazardous to the person unfamiliar with needed safety practices. One of the most common and dangerous injuries to homeowners is falling from a ladder. Instead of risking serious injury, let our experienced, knowledgeable staff handle the heavy lifting, using all the proper equipment for safety and a top-notch clean result. Worksite safety is our priority for both our staff and to protect your property.

We are insured, knowledgeable and experienced. We dedicate ourselves to each customer, striving to implement a complete roof soft wash done properly.  We provide top-tier, premium soft roof washing services. Unlike cut-rate operations, we invest in the best training, the best technology and strive for quality so that we can earn both your repeat business and your friendship as we meet your expectations. Call us today to discuss a free quote!
We price in a way to provide quality that enhances the value of your home and to earn your friendship and loyalty. We know there are low-bid contractors out there. But – when the sweetness of low price is forgotten the bitterness of poor quality remains.
What we can clean from your roof –
Algae, Moss and Lichens – When dark stains or streaks appear on a roof, those are most likely caused by a blue-green algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma. Airborne spores spread this variety. Algae, Moss, and Lichens are constantly falling from nearby trees onto your roof, your eaves, and other exterior surfaces of your house.
More info: Algae is a variety of mold. Moss is a very hardy plant that can pull water and carbon dioxide out of the air to live. Lichens are a variety of fungus that “teams up” with algae to form a very hardy organism that can live on almost any surface. All of these are unsightly on your roof.
Worse, this is more than cosmetic – they try to grow into any crack or crevice and “wedge” to cause damage and possibly a roof leak. So it is important to remove any of these if growing on your roof.
Mold  – we enjoy a mild winter but a hot, humid summer in the Greater Katy area. It is unfortunate that many varieties of mold thrive here. Some types people often encounter: the blue-green fuzz of Aspergillus or Penicillium found on bruised oranges and window sills. Cladosporium is a powdery gray mold. The dangerous kind known as black mold is Stachybotrys Chartarum. Common molds to Southeast Texas include: Ascospores, Basidiospores, Cladosporium, Smuts/Myxomcetes, Rusts, and others. Our cleaning techniques and bio-degradable cleaning solutions will cleanse any of these if present on your roof, and help provide a healthier surrounding for your family.

Dirt, Dust, Grime – The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that Particulate Matter or PM, is “a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. Some particles, such as dust, dirt, soot, or smoke, are large enough to be seen with the naked eye. Others are so small then can only be detected using an electron microscope.”

PM can become airborne by vehicle exhaust, dust stirred up along any paved surface, smokestacks, fires, industrial processes, construction sites, wind gusts. So when you inspect your roof and are maybe surprised to find dirt and dust accumulated what you are finding is very common and will be some of the foreign material on your roof that needs a periodic cleaning.

When some combination of the above contaminants layer on to your roof, they combine to form a grime. As noted above, this is more than merely cosmetic, it can inflict damage to your roof and your home’s exterior.

We are in business to protect your home, improve its appearance, and enhance its value by providing quality Roof Soft Washing services.

Soft wash flat roof
Solar panels need washing

Our new-generation cleaning technology is gentle on all roofing systems.

Solar panels are most efficient when clean and clear!

Kinds of Roofing Common in Katy, Fulshear, Cinco Ranch, West Houston area: 

We are able to Soft Roof Wash many varieties of roofing materials. Including solar panels installed on a roof.

For solar panels to function at peak efficiency they need to be clean. This will help you gain the return on investment you want. And produce electricity the way you expected. Not to mention improve the appearance and lengthen the solar panels’ life span.
The kind of roofing depends on the pitch or slope of the roof. Steep slope roofing includes shingles that can be natural wood or manufactured. Asphalt shingles are the most common choice in this area. Asphalt shingles are made of bitumen embedded in a fiberglass mat and covered with a ceramic grit that can have a range of colors and be textured to simulate the appearance of natural wood, at least from a distance. 
Both installation and removal of asphalt shingle roofing is efficient and cost-effective. This helps its popularity as well as neighborhood associations often require asphalt roofing for its fire resistance.
Metal shingles are another option. These often come in sheets that can be locked together for reduced assembly time. The modern designs simulate the appearance of wood shingles. These are very durable, long lived and the most expensive option. If repair is needed it may be expensive due to dealing with large sheets instead of individual shingles.
Other shingle materials include: slate, cedar shakes, and others.
Tile roofing is sometimes used in this area, especially for homes with a Spanish or a Mediterranean style, and sometimes Dutch roof tiles in a style from the Netherlands. These tiles are interlocking and long-lived. The tiles are made from many kinds of raw materials such as clay, granite, terracotta. They have color that is resistant to intense sunlight. They are glazed with the color baked in.

Low slope roofing materials include synthetic membranes that can be fused to create a continuous, single sheet. The more traditional roof systems include asphalt roll roofing that uses hot tar as a sealant, or old-school fabric that is built up in layers with tar or bitumen as a binder and water-proofing with mineral gravel to add weight and UV protection so that intense sunlight does not decay the tar or fabric. Some more recent innovations include liquid roofing using acrylics, silicone, neoprenem butyl/rubber.

Whatever the kind of roof on your home or business, we are happy to discuss with you how we can provide top-quality Roof Soft Washing services. Call us today!